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About Me

I have had a camera ever since I can remember.  My very first camera was a toy that didn't actually take photos, but it had a view finder and when you pushed the faux shutter button, the image in it would change.  It also had a clown head where the flash would be on a real camera.  As I got older I had all kinds of point and shoot cameras.  The disposable ones mostly, and nothing digital.  That wasn't a thing yet.  

When I got to high school, I was lucky enough to have a traditional black & white photography class offered to me my sophomore year.  That became the only class I wanted to be in.  I took photography every semester until I graduated, spending all the time I could in the darkroom.  I eventually turned my parent's laundry room into a darkroom so I could keep printing when I wasn't at school.

When it was time to think about colleges, I knew I wanted to go for photography.  I started off at Saint Petersburg College in St. Pete, Florida, taking all the photography classes in a dark room that I could while earning my AA.  After that I transferred to Memphis College of Art in Memphis, Tennessee, where I graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine Art Photography and a minor in art history. 

I currently live in St. Pete and am still just as passionate about photography as I was when I saw my first image start to develop in the darkroom for the first time.  I almost always have at least one camera with me everywhere I go, not including my phone.  

If you like what you see, please contact me below or click here to schedule a booking!  I love capturing special moments for other people to remember and share with their loved ones.

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Tel: 727-430-2876

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